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Albany Options School (AOS) provides opportunities in alternative education for all students whether working below or above state benchmark standards. These opportunities include transitional programs, credit-recovery programs, higher-education courses, and education through contracted services.

Enrollment at AOS requires a referral from either South Albany HS or West Albany HS.

Campus Programs

Innovative High School (IHS)
IHS offers students a more traditional school experience. We offer smaller classes where students obtain more individualized help from staff. The school day consists of seven class periods covering core subject areas and an assortment of elective courses. In addition, we offer courses focusing on state essential skills requirements. Students are required to attend class daily.


CHOICES is our in-house online learning program using OdysseyWare. The program allows students the opportunity to work at their own pace in a small class setting. CHOICES is geared towards students who work well independently and are motivated to complete their coursework. In addition to the on-line program (OdysseyWare) students may complete proficiency-based packets and work on Essential Skills. Students are required to attend class daily.


GED Program

The GED program provides study and testing that lead to a GED high-school equivalency certificate. The GED consists of 4 subject areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies. Students must pass all subject areas in order to complete the GED. Students are required to attend class daily until ALL tests have been passed.

Other District Programs

Post Graduate Scholars
Recently, the Oregon House passed Senate Bill 1537, the Post Graduate Scholars Bill. In our District we had formerly called this the Advanced Diploma Program. The Post Graduate Scholars Program has very different qualifications than the Advanced Diploma. It’s intentions are to capture students who do not qualify for the new Oregon Promise Grant. Post Graduate Scholars

Albany Online
Albany Online is a partnership between and the Greater Albany Public School district. Students work independently at home. All learning is done online. More info. can be found at Albany Online / K12 . Students currently enrolled in GAPS must obtain a referral from their resident school prior to enrolling in the program. Discuss the opportunity with your counselor or administrator. Albany Online

Expanded Options / Extended Campus
Allowing students to earn college and high school credit for work completed at LBCC. Students interested in these programs should speak to the counselor.

Offering individualized instruction for students who need specialized assistance or who cannot attend the regular school program because of illness, expulsion, or other factors. Tutoring for one hour per day replaces a full day of instruction. Students are referred for tutoring by counselors, administrators or the district’s student services director.