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Albany Options School Counseling Program


The Counseling Program at Albany Options School (AOS) is unique in that our school serves predominantly eleventh and twelfth graders who are credit deficient. Students are aware that this is often their “last best chance” to graduate from high school, and that their commitment to graduating is essential. The Counseling Program reinforces this repeatedly throughout the school year. The program is available to help students problem-solve, deal with crisis and trauma, and help find additional resources. Getting students to a point so they can go back to the classroom and earn needed credit is the ultimate goal. Understanding each student’s needs is crucial, and developing an academic program that takes this into account is vital. The Counseling Program strives to help students stay in a positive enough state so they can earn the credits and have the experiences they need to graduate from high school and pursue a vocation or go on to further training or education.

All students must be referred to AOS from their local home high school. Students attend one of the three components of our school: The Innovative High School, Choices, or the GED.


The Innovative High School consists of a 7 period day with all essential classes needed for a student to be able to graduate. Classes are limited to 15 students per class.

Choices uses online and packet classes to help students begin to regain both the hours and the credits that will help them get closer to their goal of graduating. Choices meets daily from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM.

GED (General Equivalency Diploma) is aimed at students who are either missing too many credits to graduate, or are wanting to move quickly beyond high school because of the current needs in their lives.

Counseling services at AOS are available from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday. For more information, please contact Anna Harryman at 541-967-4563, or at