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Students who live outside the walk-in boundaries of AOS will be provided city/school bus passes to ride to and from school. In addition, students may ride their bikes, walk, or have prearranged parental transportation.

Skateboards are allowed on campus and must be locked in the designated area. Skateboards are not allowed to be carried on district buses; therefore, students are not able to carry them on the Albany Transit System buses. Albany Transit System buses can transport bicycles. Students who want to bring their bicycles must lock them up in the designated area.

In certain situations, some students with special needs may require alternative transportation methods. While on the bus, all school bus rules, as well as city rules, are in effect. Parents/ guardians, and students, as a result of enrolling at AOS, agree to follow these rules and sign a statement agreeing to this.

No skateboards, foot-propelled, or motorized scooters can be brought on a bus.

Students are expected to maintain responsible behavior on the city/school bus at all times. Should the city bus system have cause to remove a student from the bus during a regular bus run, the parent/guardian will be notified. City bus staff will monitor bus pass use and student behavior.

For minor offenses, students who violate bus rules may need to write a letter of apology to the driver or serve in-school suspension. More serious, violent, or chronic offenses could result in forfeiture of bus privileges or school suspension or expulsion.

School bus transportation may also be used on some routes. Each student is provided with a bus pass for the public bus available through Albany Transit System. There is a $5 Fee for replacement of lost bus passes.

City Bus Procedures for AOS Students

  • Students will display passes when initially boarding the bus or transferring. This includes the pick-up at AOS. If the student does NOT have a valid pass, he/she is expected to pay regular fare. In some cases, day passes will be available. The passes issued by the school are not valid for any ride except to and from school.
  • There is a zero tolerance for misbehavior on the bus. The following activities will NOT be tolerated: fighting words, swearing, bad or rude language, rude gestures, actions that could result in injury to another person or damage to the bus. If another passenger reports misbehavior by a student or students, and the driver has no reason to doubt this person’s word, the driver will take appropriate action.
  • A student’s failure to comply with Albany Transit policies will result in immediate expulsion from the bus. In such case, the driver would ask the student to leave the bus at the next safe place to stop. The driver would then notify the Transportation Coordinator who would then contact AOS.
  • Students must comply with Albany Transit System rules (see Passenger Policy below).

Passenger Policy

This policy governs Albany Transit System (ATS) and Linn-Benton Loop (Loop) vehicles and facilities. These regulations are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of customers.

Under this policy, all customers are required to observe the following guidelines when using ATS and Loop vehicles and facilities.

Customers will:

  • Allow elderly and disabled customers first choice of aisle-facing seats.
  • Pay the appropriate fare upon boarding the bus.
  • Wear shirt and shoes, and maintain personal hygiene so that personal odor does not become repulsive.
  • Be allowed to transport small animals in carrying containers. Larger animals are not allowed on the bus with the exception of service animals such as guide dogs for the visually impaired.
  • Be allowed to consume food and beverages in a bus shelter, but not on a bus.
  • Be allowed to play personal radios while using headphones, provided other customers cannot hear the sound.

Customers will not:

  • Participate in loud or unruly behavior. This includes use of obscene language or fighting words.
  • Interfere with the operation of the transit vehicle.
  • Extend any body part outside the bus, misuse emergency exits, or place feet on the seats.
  • Create excessive or unnecessary noise.
  • Obstruct movement of customers or create a physically offensive condition by individual or group action.
  • Discharge or carry a weapon, or carry flammable liquids.
  • Destroy or vandalize transit property, or litter.
  • Consume alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Solicit (panhandle) or canvass.

In addition to the specific areas outlines in this ATS and Linn-Benton Loop policy, all state, county, and municipal codes must be followed.