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Latinos Unidos AOS

Latino Unidos AOS is a source of encouragement, strength, and support for the Latino students at AOS. It is another outlet for students to be themselves and facilitate their transition at AOS. The club provides a place for Latino students to celebrate and take pride in their heritage as well as an opportunity for non-Latinos to embrace the rich culture of the Spanish speaking peoples. In addition we discuss issues regarding failure, preparation, and success in all facets of life. The club offers tools needed to develop growth in areas including academics, college preparation, apprenticeship, personal development, and professionalism.

Photo of AOS staff and students in Latinos Unidos AOS club shirts

The goal of Latinos Unidos AOS is to provide exposure to the Latino culture, promote cultural diversity among its members, and create awareness or sensitivity to cultural differences in both the school setting and in the broader community.

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For more information, please contact Gabe Diaz at 541-967-4563, or at