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AOS Welcomes Dr. Lake for Staff Professional Development

Posted on: September 6, 2017

Superintendent Jim Golden spoke to the whole district on Monday, August 28th, during the Back-to-School District Rally, about the importance of breaking down the barriers of race in our culture and schools. In sticking with the theme, the teachers and staff at Albany Options School and district administrators spent the morning of Wednesday, August 30th meeting with Dr. Johnny Lake. Dr. Lake kicked off the school year talking about diversity, race and culture, and equity of learning.

Dr. Lake is an internationally renowned trainer and consultant, and has taught as a professor in the teacher and counseling preparation programs at Northwest Christian University in Eugene. He is an Administrator on Special Assignment with the Eugene 4J school district. Dr. Lake holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Willamette University, has a Masters in educational leadership and administration, and received his Ph.D. in educational leadership, policy, management and organization. Dr. Lake is a former chairman of the State of Oregon Commission on Black Affairs.

Dr. Lake is an incredible speaker and left the staff feeling motivated, inspired, and excited to take on the challenges of the new school year. Principal John Hunter commented that, “Equity of Learning is paramount to the success of all students. It is not just a catchy phrase, it is a necessity, and Dr. Lake was able to bring that to a human and personal level that every teacher in the building can bring back to the classroom with them.”

Mark Wolfe, with 25 years in public education, was extremely inspired by Dr. Lake’s presentation. “After listening to Johnny Lake, I realized that even with all my years of experience there’s still so much I can do to be a better teacher.” In fact, Mr. Wolfe said that on his second day of his Psychology class this term he implemented a group activity that he learned from Dr. Lake.