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AOS Introduces Summer Mini Sessions

Posted on: June 20, 2017

Albany Options School introduced a mini term at the end of the school year, providing all students the opportunity to earn an additional .25 credits before the end of the year.

Seniors took their finals and were gone by the end of the day June 9th, leaving one week of classes before the end of the year. However, since half of the student population at AOS is made up of seniors, the teachers chose to give finals to all of the students at the same time as the seniors and try something new that final week.

For the final week of school students signed up for one of four classes being offered all day for the whole week. The classes were team-taught by our teachers. The classes included an Albany History social studies class, a Robotics Engineering science class, a Poetry English Language Arts class, and an Outdoor Hiking physical education class.

The week was rich with field trips and fun and engaging activities. Students hiked Silver Falls State Park, toured local museums, built robots, and wrote poetry.

Data shows that student attendance was higher during the mini sessions than the school has ever experienced the final week of school before, and 37 students earned credits from the week!