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New AOeSpresso Coffee Cart

Posted on: February 15, 2017

On January 18th, Albany Options School opened their  coffee cart, AOeSpresso, for the first time. This project was made possible by Mrs. Mitchell’s Entrepreneurial elective class and by a grant from PETS through YTP. The funds from the grant help special programs start school-based businesses to help students transition to jobs after school and build work skills. All of the money was put into the business to help it grow and become self-sufficient.

The coffee cart was modeled after the coffee cart that was started at South Albany High School, and has developed into it’s own thriving business.

Every Wednesday and Friday the cart is open during the breakfast and lunch breaks and is run by students in the Entrepreneurial class. The students work shifts to run the cart, making coffee drinks and Italian sodas and selling snacks for staff and students. Within the class, which meets every morning, the students are responsible for counting the money, making plans for expanding the cart, and adjusting products based off of customer demand.

So far the cart has been a great success, and has already made enough to cover their start-up costs. The class is looking forward to expanding, with a goal of getting their own espresso machine so they can offer espresso as well as drip coffee drinks. Everyone is welcome to come check it out!